Farmers Market Salad

Last Sunday I got the chance to visit the Farmers Market for the first time in a month. That’s what happens when I am forced to choose between oogling at veggies or shaking my booty at African Brazilian Dance class. Dancing is almost more addicting than food… almost. So why was this Sunday any different? … More Farmers Market Salad

Eatin’ at Street

Last week I had a bloggie date with my fellow foodie Mealmuse. The destination? Susan Feniger’s newest ethnic venture- Street. A restaurant inspired by street food from around the world? LOVE IT! Since it’s opening, I have been overly excited to take a trip to this eatery on Highland and experience some flavorful explosions. The … More Eatin’ at Street

Taste My Photos

This past Saturday I decided to sign up for a Phototasting class to unleash my inner photographer. It was held at Cube Marketplace which is a wine and cheese bar, restaurant and uh… marketplace. It was the smartest decision I made all week. (Other than sideswiping a trash can on Monday which cleanly sliced off … More Taste My Photos

A Tropical Taste of my Travels- A Hawaiian Farmer’s Market

Hello fellow Spooners and Happy Monday! A lot has happened in the past few weeks since I’ve written. Allow me to update you. I traveled home to Kauai along with 30 family members to celebrate my Granddad’s 90th Birthday. Can you believe that? He worked out every single morning. Simply astonishing… While I was there … More A Tropical Taste of my Travels- A Hawaiian Farmer’s Market