Taste My Photos

Seafood PastaThis past Saturday I decided to sign up for a Phototasting class to unleash my inner photographer. It was held at Cube Marketplace which is a wine and cheese bar, restaurant and uh… marketplace. It was the smartest decision I made all week. (Other than sideswiping a trash can on Monday which cleanly sliced off my passenger side mirror.) The class was taught by food bloggers from Rants and Craves and The Kitchy Kitchen.
This was the deal. We listened to and watched an hour tutorial slide show while sipping wine. We waited for tasty morsels to be brought out so we could eat… ugh um… I mean photograph them. We took pictures of the delicious food, and then… ate the display . A perfect piglet class. It’s nice when you can eat the art. Besides learning a few new tricks on my camera, I also met some really cool bloggers. Am I proud of myself? Hell yes! Are my new found sweet photographic skills too classy for Spoondles? This has yet to be determined.
Taste My Photos Taste My Photos Taste My Photos
The next day I decided to go out for another fatty lunch at il Pistaio and take some pictures on my own…

8 thoughts on “Taste My Photos

  1. Leela, these pictures are AWESOME! I especially love the heirloom tomato dish – nice angle. Look at us go!!!!!!!!!And yes, I'd LOVE to grab lunch or dinner and put our newfound photo skills to the test! Let's e-mail and coordinate 🙂

  2. Hi Mealmuse! Yes email me when you get a chance and we can plan a phototasting of our own :)J.A. – So glad to hear from you! I thought you had forgotten about the little old spooner… You know you wanna give Kraft Mac n Cheese a shout out ;)DD- Yes it was so much fun! You should definitely try to go next time which I think will be in October. Although I took a peek at your website and I must say it looks like you know what you are doing with that camera 🙂

  3. Your photos look fabulous! I love the heirloom tomato/grilled peach one—really captures all the beautiful colors in that dish!It was so nice to have met you and worked with you at Phototasting! Thanks so much for attending!

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