A Banh Mi Brunch

When I  first heard that a new Vietnamese restaurant was opening nearby, I immediately googled their menu. Why? Because back in 2011 I began a search for the best banh mi in Los Angeles, and the hunt was still on. After a quick scan of their website, I discovered two important things: They serve banh mi for lunch, and… More A Banh Mi Brunch

Chicken soba salad

Soba noodles. Another favorite of mine. I love them hot and I especially love them cold with a nice ponzu sauce. I created this “salad” the other day by taking pantry and fridge inventory to see what ingredients I needed to use up. This is always my favorite way to cook because it makes me feel… More Chicken soba salad

Fairy Garden Brown Rice

 Last Sunday I finally had the chance to brunch at Inn Of The Seventh Ray, a woodland restaurant in the hills of Topanga Canyon. This restaurant has been on my radar for years, mainly because of it’s mystical fairy garden setting which reminds me of a blend between Rivendell and The Shire. Say no more. The menu is quite elaborate, especially… More Fairy Garden Brown Rice

I Know Egg On Toast

“You know egg on toast too!? ” That’s the delighted and excited reaction I received from my somewhat eccentric best friend when she arrived at my apartment for Sunday brunch. Oh, I know egg on toast. Now meet his classier, snazzier, dashing cousin; egg, kale and ricotta on toast. A gourmet twist to the classic recipe that we all… More I Know Egg On Toast

Favorite LA Eats

Pomodora Pizza with tomato, burrata, garlic, basil, chili and green olive oil. Gjelina 1429 Abbot Kinney Blvd. 310.450.1429 Spoondleicious Rating: 9 out of 10 spoons                    

Swedish Pancakes

On a cold, cloudy Sunday my favorite way to start the day is with a home cooked brunch. My secret ingredient to a successful brunch? Swedish Pancakes. I’ve never been a fan of fluffy buttermilk cakes, I don’t like how filling they can be, and they are sooooo last century. If I’m going to make… More Swedish Pancakes