Favorite Bites – Whole Foods Sandwich

When I want a quick and delicious lunch I grab a sandwich from Whole Foods. They use good quality ingredients and prepare you sandwich however you desire. I find that they put a lot of care and love into their work so your sandwich always comes out just how you like it. Beware though, not all Whole Foods make quality sandwiches. I find the Hollywood location on Fairfax and across from the grove to be the place where the real sandwich artists reside.
There are so many delicious sandwiches out there but this is my usual go-to (at Whole Foods). A vegetarian sandwich on whole wheat bread with vegenaise, mustard, olive tapenade, mixed greens, onions, pickles, cucumber, avocado, oil & vinegar and S&P.
What’s your go-to sandwich? Which Whole Foods do you like best?

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