A Banh Mi Brunch

When I  first heard that a new Vietnamese restaurant was opening nearby, I immediately googled their menu. Why? Because back in 2011 I began a search for the best banh mi in Los Angeles, and the hunt was still on. After a quick scan of their website, I discovered two important things: They serve banh mi for lunch, and … More A Banh Mi Brunch

Fairy Garden Brown Rice

 Last Sunday I finally had the chance to brunch at Inn Of The Seventh Ray, a woodland restaurant in the hills of Topanga Canyon. This restaurant has been on my radar for years, mainly because of it’s mystical fairy garden setting which reminds me of a blend between Rivendell and The Shire. Say no more. The menu is quite elaborate, especially … More Fairy Garden Brown Rice

Eat Like A Local

It’s no secret. Food in Hawaii is pitiful. We have pithy tomatoes, $10 Kraft cheese, mediocre bread and no Burrata. Everything that isn’t grown locally has to be shipped. And everything that is shipped is low quality and overpriced. The best way to avoid having a disappointing meal while in Hawaii is to eat local … More Eat Like A Local

Red White and Yellow

In preparation for the big day, I’m psyching my mind and gut for all things unhealthy, un-wholeful and ALL AMERICAN! And what better way to start than with a Let’s be Frank hot dog. At least their made from pasture-based livestock free from hormones, steroids, and other junk. And for all you non red meat … More Red White and Yellow

A-Frame is A-OK

Last week I had the chance to finally visit the new A-Frame in Culver City. Created by Roy Choi, the man behind the Kogi Truck, A-Frame packs a Korean and Hawaiian punch with a side of comfort. Community tables, easy to share plates, and plastic dinnerware make this my new favorite homey spot. It doesn’t … More A-Frame is A-OK

Battle of the Banh Mi #1

Definition of Banh Mi: Vietnamese Baguette Sandwiches, most commonly filled with thinly sliced pickled carrots, daikon, cucumbers, cilantro, chili peppers, mayonnaise, and various meat or tofu. Competitors: Pho Lang Thang vs. Nom Nom Truck Story: Ever since I tried my first Tofu Banh Mi at Pho Lang Thang in Cincinnati, I’ve been: A) Craving it … More Battle of the Banh Mi #1

Shuck It

Spring has sprung. And with it comes spoils. Oysters being one of my new favorites. A platter, a patio, 75 degrees and a bottle of white wine = perfection. One of the best places for such a day is Gjelina’s in Venice. Trendy yet unpretentious, the real reason to come here is the food. And that’s the … More Shuck It