My Favorite Sticky Balls

Rice Balls

It all came about so unexpectedly. I believe it was a Saturday. I was strolling Main St. in Santa Monica, minding my own business, when the couple I had been eavesdropping on for 5 blocks about their explicit late night adventures came to a sudden and rude halt. Fortunately my grace and superb cat-like reflexes kept me from spilling my apple juice all over their backs. “Oooh lets go in here” said the blonde. Not wanting to miss the finale of the story I followed them in. So I stood in line, enthralled by the talk of who did what to whom, where and for how long. Just as the story ended and I was contemplating over the horror of it all, I heard a voice. “what?” I shouted. “what would you like?” said the cashier behind the counter.
And that’s when I noticed that I was in the cutest little shop where they were serving rice balls wrapped in seaweed!

Well, technically they’re called Omusubi (O-MOO-SU-BE) – Japanese rice balls with different fillings inside, wrapped with or without nori. I glanced up at the board which offered 7 options. Hmmmm, Tuna with Mayo, Miso Beef, or a more authentic choice such as the Hijiki, a mixture of seaweed, shiitake mushrooms, green beans, carrots with soy sauce. The cashier suggested I go with a beginners ball so I chose spicy salmon. I noted how small the place was, not even a chair to sit in, but that everything was fresh, made to order and created right in front of you. This I liked. Just before they handed over the warm sticky ball, they sprinkled it with a sesame and seaweed seasoning and wrapped it in dried nori. It was honestly one of the best things I’ve ever had and for $2.50 it made for a perfect mid day snack. I will 100% be back and next time I intend to try their frozen yogurt!
Sunny Blue
2728 Main St
Santa Monica, CA90405
Neighborhood: Santa Monica

(310) 399-9030Spoondleicious Rating: 5 out of 5

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