Seafood by the Seashore – Adventures of 2012

Being from Kauai I am not one to be impressed with L.A Beaches. However, there is one beach that has been on my radar for its raving reviews – El Matadorin Malibu. In my 5 years of L.A. living, many a people have sung the songs of this beach’s beauty. As 2012 is my self proclaimed year of adventure and new experiences, I decided it was time to close this case.

A beautiful trail takes you down to the foot of this beach complete with tide pools and caves. Several coves are accessible by crouching low and walking through small tunnels which gives the beach a feel of privacy and adventure. However, this beach was anything but private. I watched no less than 4 photo shoots featuring thin, tall and beautiful women while I scarfed down a large bag of potato chips.

Bottom Line: A lovely “L.A” beach but unsuitable for boyfriends with wandering eyes.

After weeping into my towel for 4 hours while watching emaciated gazelles walk the beach, I decided to wipe the tears from my eyes and do the one thing that I do best. Eat. So I decided to stop by another place I have had my eye on for some time, Malibu Seafood. This place did not disappoint! Enter a quaint fish market and view the menu board for items like steamed Dungeness Crab, cups of clam chowder or a plate of fried squid. Once your order is placed, wait for your number to be called then walk your tray up a flight of stairs to an open dining area of community picnic tables complete with ocean view.

Bottom Line: Malibu Seafood has the best of both worlds. An L.A sunset with an East Coast feel.

bay shrimp cocktail, steamed shrimp with lemon and tarter sauce and fresh fish and chips

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