Eatin’ at Street

Last week I had a bloggie date with my fellow foodie Mealmuse. The destination? Susan Feniger’s newest ethnic venture- Street. A restaurant inspired by street food from around the world? LOVE IT! Since it’s opening, I have been overly excited to take a trip to this eatery on Highland and experience some flavorful explosions. The … More Eatin’ at Street

Taste My Photos

This past Saturday I decided to sign up for a Phototasting class to unleash my inner photographer. It was held at Cube Marketplace which is a wine and cheese bar, restaurant and uh… marketplace. It was the smartest decision I made all week. (Other than sideswiping a trash can on Monday which cleanly sliced off … More Taste My Photos

A Whole Lotta Class- Some Noteworthy Experiences From Napa

Oh Napa. Your rolling hills, Barrels of wine, Wicked ass food, And sunshine, I love you. I was fortunate enough to spend this Memorial day weekend in one of my favorite places, Napa. I had forgotten how much I love Northern California, especially when it is sunny and 90 degrees out. No seriously, I love … More A Whole Lotta Class- Some Noteworthy Experiences From Napa

Oh my, Ojai

This weekend I had the chance to get out of Los Angeles and visit the town of Ojai with three of my girlfriends. We like to think of these retreats as a sort of Sex in the City episode, but in all honestly it’s usually more like Sex in the City meets Teenage Mutant Ninja … More Oh my, Ojai