Herbs are the magic dust of cooks. They have the power to make something good taste great and transform a bland dish into something seriously delicious. You may think that the teaspoon of minced thyme or sprig of rosemary called for in your recipe is unimportant. This could not be further from the truth. Without … More Herbilicious

Ten Foods to Fool You

I know that with the New Year comes the pressure to IMPRESS IMPRESS IMPRESS. “Look your best!”, “be more perfect!”, “throw away your toenail collection!” “stop eating last years cheetos wedged between your couch cushions!”… Well my gift to you this new January, is to help you look and feel smarter about food. That’s why … More Ten Foods to Fool You

Fruitful Delight

“I think the most disappointing cake has to be fruitcake. You think that would be better, it doesn’t add up. Fruit-good, cake- great, fruitcake, nasty crap.” – Jim Gaffigan . Fruitcakes are a traditional winter holiday cake made with an assortment of candied fruit, nuts, spices and liquor. They are baked slowly and, after cooling, … More Fruitful Delight