Figuring out farmers’ markets

Figuring out farmers' markets

There are many reasons why eating locally is best. First of all, shopping locally ensures that your produce is fresh, seasonal and contains a higher level of flavor. And when it’s not organic, small farms tend to be less generous with the amount of chemicals sprayed on their crops, so it’s healthier! Secondly, average fresh food items can travel 1,500 miles just to get to your table. By shopping locally you help the environment by eliminating the need for the fuel wasted on transportation. Thirdly, shopping at your nearest farmers market supports your local farmers. On average, farmers receive 20 cents of the dollar spent, the rest going towards packaging, refrigeration, marketing and shipping. But at a farmers markets, the middle men are cut out so you know the farmer receives the dollar he deserves. Lastly, shopping at farmers markets’ are fun and personable. Everything is always in season and they have a wide range of produce not found in grocery stores. Visit Local Harvest and type in your zip code to see the nearest farmers markets’, family farms and other sources of sustainable grown foods in your area.

Yesterday I stopped by my local farmers market to pick up some fresh produce. Here are some of the beautiful items that are in season right now.

Figuring out farmers' markets Figuring out farmers' markets Figuring out farmers' markets Figuring out farmers' markets Figuring out farmers' markets Ten Foods to Fool You

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