Fruitful Delight

“I think the most disappointing cake has to be fruitcake. You think that would be better, it doesn’t add up. Fruit-good, cake- great, fruitcake, nasty crap.”
– Jim Gaffigan

. Fruitcakes are a traditional winter holiday cake made with an assortment of candied fruit, nuts, spices and liquor. They are baked slowly and, after cooling, usually covered in cheesecloth moistened with liquor or brandy and tightly wrapped in foil. This is what gives them the ability to outlive your dog.

. Fruitcakes date back to ancient Rome where the ingredients consisted of pomegranate seeds, barley and raisins. This was before the addition of neon colored maraschino cherries and canned pineapples.

. In the past, fruitcakes were used as wedding cakes in England. Single female guests would supposedly take a piece home and place it under their pillow to bring about a dream of their future husband.

. In 1878 a woman named Fidelia Ford baked a fruitcake to be eaten on Thanksgiving. Unfortunately she died before the holiday and because her relatives couldn’t bear to eat it they saved it… The cake is now over 125 years old and made an appearance on the “Tonight” show with Jay Leno where he sampled a bite.

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