Ten Foods to Fool You

I know that with the New Year comes the pressure to IMPRESS IMPRESS IMPRESS. “Look your best!”, “be more perfect!”, “throw away your toenail collection!” “stop eating last years cheetos wedged between your couch cushions!”… Well my gift to you this new January, is to help you look and feel smarter about food. That’s why I’m giving you these 10 foodie facts from the book “The Cooks Companion”, because I care what people think about YOU! So relax, know that you’re in good hands, and the next time you attend a party, bring up one of these super cool facts, and you’re sure to be the crème de la crème* of the party.

1. Bombay duck is a northern Indian fish dish

2. Glamorgan sausages are sausage-shaped, but made with cheese

3. A Jerusalem artichoke is neither from Jerusalem nor an artichoke. It’s an edible tuber from North America

4. A peanut is not a nut, it’s a legume

5. Mock turtle soup is made with calf’s head, beef and veal

6. A Salisbury steak is a hamburger

7. American coffee cake is a cake, but may not contain coffee; it refers to any cake made to be eaten with a cup of coffee

8. Poor man’s caviar is made of aubergines (eggplants)

9. Scotch woodcock is anchovies and eggs on toast

10. Boston crab is a wrestling manoeuvre- oh my!

For more fun food facts check out The Cook’s Companion published by Think Publishing.

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