Fruit Spread

You’re making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, or so you think, when you look down at your jar of jelly and see that it says “JAM”! Or even worse, “CONSERVE”! What the hell is a conserve? Will that even work? Who ever heard of a peanut butter and conserve sandwich??? “Oh well,” you think, “it’s probably the same thing.” Or is it? Do you know the difference? I didn’t until I did a little research. This is what I uncovered.

Jam– a thick mixture of fruit and sugar cooked down until the pieces of fruit are almost formless
Jelly– a mixture of fruit juice and sugar
Conserve– a mixture of fruits, nuts and sugar
Preserve– similar to jam except the fruit is left in medium to large chunks. Basically, chunky jam.

So next time you’re making a peanut better and whatever sandwich, do it with confidence, knowing that you’re using your favorite fruit spread mix.

2 thoughts on “Fruit Spread

  1. Right now I'm obsessed with the seedless raspberry conserve made by TipTree ( It's amazing on toast!!! I found it at Surfas 🙂 – Charla

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