Karate Kid Premiere Releases Ninja Hunger

On Monday night I got to help out with my very first event. The Karate Kid premiere! I will admit I was a little nervous. Mostly because of my tough time identifying celebrities. (I once told Gwyneth Paltrow she looked a lot like Gwyneth Paltrow). But don’t worry people, I kept my cool. I only asked Jackie Chan for his autograph twice and begged Will Smith to rap like the Fresh Prince only AFTER he had a few cocktails. But let’s be honest. What I was really focused on was the food. And there was lots of it. I was like a ninja swooping in on one buffet table to another. Slyly taking pictures between stuffing dumplings in my face. Like a warrior baboon. With panther-like stealth. It was only Jackie Chan who was able to stop me from taking the last wonton.

Wolfgang Puck catered the event and I must say they did a very kick-ass job. Not only did everything look amazing, but the wide variety of options and themed delicacy’s were killer. From the chicken pot stickers, chopped chicken salad, to soft shell crab mini burgers, the food was exciting, exotic and arguably erotic. Unfortunately the night was so cold, they didn’t put the food out until just before the guests arrived. This meant I wasn’t able to snap any sweet shots of the buffet. What I did get a good look at was the dessert table. And if I know anything about people, they tend to be dessert junkies. So For all you sweet tooths out there. Enjoy~

The set up earlier on while all the guests were sill in the screening. Beautiful already but nothing compared to what it looked like at night.
This was Jackie Chan’s section, where I made it abundently clear that no one stole wontons from Leela and got away with it.
Chop Stick Caught Chocolate Covered “Brandied Cherry Flies”
Asian Fruit Soup Shooters with flavors such as coconut, mango, berry and kiwi.
Red Velvet Cake Dipped in Liquid Nitrogen (which freezes the cake and makes it cold and crunchy)

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