Fresh Drinks for Getting Sexy in the City


Happy Wednesday everyone! I can’t believe it has been over a week since my last post. Bad Spoondles!

Quick Recap of my life: I have a job! Well sort of. I’m helping out at a Special Events Company which I love but also allows me less time to Spoondle. (This is my lame excuse for the lack of posts lately and I’m sorry.) I am loving this spring weather with hot sunny days and long warm evenings. Nice weather makes me more adventurous which has been paying off nicely as just last weekend I discovered the most beautiful park that is a mere 5 min drive away. I can’t believe I had no idea it existed and look forward to many more afternoons exploring it. I’m also very excited for tonight because I have a date with my man to meander about the Santa Monica Pier. He’s never been and I look forward to showing him around and beating him at a few games of air hockey. SUCKA. I will also be traveling to Napa this weekend and plan on doing some serious damage to my gut, (Napa is one of my fav spots to feast) but will try to squeeze in some hiking and bike riding as well. Can’t promise anything though. I will post my gluttonous adventures next week so check back.

OK. Enough about me. Why don’t we get to the point of this post. What is Spring without refreshing and tantalizing cocktails? No pool party is complete without a fabulous drink in hand. And no viewing of the newest Sex in the City is possible without a fabulous cocktail party. Obviously I’m not talking about Red Bull vodka crap. During the summer months I expect the best, and you should too. With all the fresh fruit that is in season, this is no time to settle for vodka soda or rum and coke. What would Carrie think? Whether it’s a pina colada, cosmo, or guava mimosa, refurbish your afternoon cocktail with amazingness by using fresh fruit. Make the Girls proud by muddling some berries in your vodka soda, or add fresh squeezed lemonade and mint to rum.

Last weekend I had dinner at Katsuya and got to try their Watermelon Cucumber Mojita. What a treat! This drink has it all. It’s not too sweet, super refreshing and gives you a nice buzz. It would be great during the day but doesn’t have an overpowering flavor so could also work for light dinners such as sushi or seafood. Obviously it’s a great pre cocktail to have with your girls before going to see the new Sex and the City. Whatever the occasion, this cocktail is fabulous enough to fit in.
Which means I knew I had to have the recipe. So I called Katsuya to find out the secret behind this tantalizing treat. You can bet your burned buns I’ll be mixing up this cocktail the next chance I get and suggest you follow suit. 😉

Note: Adapted from Katsuya. Make a simple syrup by boiling granulated sugar in an equal amount of water until the sugar dissolves; allow to cool. You can adjust the amounts of watermelon and cucumber depending on what you like.

Makes 1 Mojito

  • 4 triangles seedless watermelon, about 3 inches high and 1 inch thick, divided
  • 7 cucumber slices, divided (6 of them seeded, 1 for garnish)
  • 3 large sprigs mint, divided
  • 3 ounces Bacardi Light rum
  • fresh lime juice
  • 1/2 ounce simple syrup

1. In a shaker, add 3 watermelon triangles, 6 slices of cucumber, 2 sprigs of mint, the lime juice and the syrup. Hand press with a muddler.

2. Add Bacardi and fill the shaker with ice. Shake vigorously for 6 seconds.

3. Strain over fresh ice into a tall glass.

4. Place a watermelon triangle and a cucumber slice on a toothpick and place in glass for garnish along with a sprig of mint.

What’s your favorite cocktail?

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