Chicken soba salad

Soba noodles. Another favorite of mine. I love them hot and I especially love them cold with a nice ponzu sauce. I created this “salad” the other day by taking pantry and fridge inventory to see what ingredients I needed to use up. This is always my favorite way to cook because it makes me feel … More Chicken soba salad

Fairy Garden Brown Rice

 Last Sunday I finally had the chance to brunch at Inn Of The Seventh Ray, a woodland restaurant in the hills of Topanga Canyon. This restaurant has been on my radar for years, mainly because of it’s mystical fairy garden setting which reminds me of a blend between Rivendell and The Shire. Say no more. The menu is quite elaborate, especially … More Fairy Garden Brown Rice

I Know Egg On Toast

“You know egg on toast too!? ” That’s the delighted and excited reaction I received from my somewhat eccentric best friend when she arrived at my apartment for Sunday brunch. Oh, I know egg on toast. Now meet his classier, snazzier, dashing cousin; egg, kale and ricotta on toast. A gourmet twist to the classic recipe that we all … More I Know Egg On Toast

Brunch It Part 1.

One of my favorite parts about the weekend, (and life) is getting to enjoy a leisurely breakfast. Which is why I have decided to do a series dedicated to exploring all things related to morning meals. Sometimes I visit my favorite brunch spots like Gjelinas for their Neiman ranch BLT with a sunny egg, or … More Brunch It Part 1.

Simple Shrimp Tacos

These days I’m finding that I have less and less time to spend in the kitchen. More often than not I’m eating dinners in restaurants or making some pathetically quick meals at home (Trader Joe’s frozen chicken dumplings -WHATS UP?!). When I can’t stand it anymore and all I want to do is cook and … More Simple Shrimp Tacos