Childhood Cravings


You could say cartoons inspired my obsession with food. I was 8, a meat virgin, with a mother who told me Doritos were invented by Satan. Growing up with no sugar or processed food and soggy tofu dogs for lunch, cartoons became my food porn. Most girls would be able to tell you what color Daisy Duck’s dress was, but not me. My eyes weren’t on her outfits or long lashes, they were focused on the pies. Those delicious looking pies she carried so delicately in her feathered hands. What kind of pie was that? How did she make that perfect crust with the slits cut so evenly? What did those steamy lines that rose from the pie smell like? The fantasys were endless. I spent my childhood imitating the way Donald ate corn like a typewriter and Bugs swallowed carrots like circus swords. Its easy to remember that Shaggy and Scooby’s 4 foot high sandwiches consisted of lettuce, cheese, bologne, pickles and hot dogs but I cant tell you the color of their mystery van. The dozen hamburgers Wimpy consumed made me weak in the knees while the cheese oozing pizza that Michelangelo ordered after battling Shredder brought drool to my chin.

It’s not that i’m particularly proud of this, but I thought you should know the truth. Since then I’ve graduated from culinary school, worked 4 years in the food industry and continue to indulge myself silly in foods simple pleasures. I’m no longer a meat virgin. I love fish, tolerate chicken and have a disturbing weakness for bacon. I believe food should be fresh and healthy but that indulging in its pleasures is one of the most enjoyable activities in life. I don’t think we should harm the earth, animals or our bodies to satisfy our stomachs. I haven’t had a soggy tofu dog in 9 years. This is my blog.

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