These is my Jamzzzz

Every holiday season I battle with the same question. What to give? Between friends, family and co-workers, gift giving can turn a happy wallet into a sad change purse. Who wants to waste their money on candles,chocolates, or other meaningless gifts? So I dug deep (real deep) and found the somewhat warped, frightened and sad … More These is my Jamzzzz

Red White and Yellow

In preparation for the big day, I’m psyching my mind and gut for all things unhealthy, un-wholeful and ALL AMERICAN! And what better way to start than with a Let’s be Frank hot dog. At least their made from pasture-based livestock free from hormones, steroids, and other junk. And for all you non red meat … More Red White and Yellow

Guys CAN Cook

In my last post I mentioned the valentines dinner my boyfriend was going to prepare for me, with some skepticism. How can you blame me? This is a man who orders delivery every night of the week and considers his homemade salads a gourmet masterpiece. He is, however, extremely picky and has an appreciation for … More Guys CAN Cook

Chocolate is in the Air

Still looking for a way to celebrate the silliest holiday ever? OK I guess Valentines can be sweet although I think it’s more notorious for spawning disappointment. (Let’s hope this isn’t the case with the valentines dinner my boyfriends preparing.) Just kidding 😉 Regardless, whether your with your schmoochoopoogus, friends, family, co-workers or yourself, here … More Chocolate is in the Air