I Know Egg On Toast

“You know egg on toast too!? ” That’s the delighted and excited reaction I received from my somewhat eccentric best friend when she arrived at my apartment for Sunday brunch. Oh, I know egg on toast. Now meet his classier, snazzier, dashing cousin; egg, kale and ricotta on toast. A gourmet twist to the classic recipe that we all … More I Know Egg On Toast

Swedish Pancakes

On a cold, cloudy Sunday my favorite way to start the day is with a home cooked brunch. My secret ingredient to a successful brunch? Swedish Pancakes. I’ve never been a fan of fluffy buttermilk cakes, I don’t like how filling they can be, and they are sooooo last century. If I’m going to make … More Swedish Pancakes

Brunch It Part 1.

One of my favorite parts about the weekend, (and life) is getting to enjoy a leisurely breakfast. Which is why I have decided to do a series dedicated to exploring all things related to morning meals. Sometimes I visit my favorite brunch spots like Gjelinas for their Neiman ranch BLT with a sunny egg, or … More Brunch It Part 1.

Breakfast is Best

Happy Winds-day everyone! I don’t know where you are, but here in LA we have been experiencing some serious wind. Which turns out to be a good thing as it has been clearing our skies from all that smog. Yuck! Today I wanted to give a quick shout out to two of my favorite products. … More Breakfast is Best